Purposes of Poultry Netting

Productivity Based on Nettings

Protection as the Main Feature

Poultry netting has multiple purposes. It can be applied in growing corps, to make aviary or in sports, such as soccer or baseball. The main feature is protection and it is a necessary tool for raising poultry. It protects the poultry from predators. In the other case, if you are a breeder, you will need it to secure your garden or plantation from birds. Although they are not all predators, even the friendliest bird may cause some serious harm to your crops or espaliers. One small bite can damage the fruit and lower its value. Picking from tree to tree or through your seeding may become an annoying and permanent problem if you don’t handle it in short. Poultry netting is one of the best solutions that will bring you peaceful mind and the harvest just as you have planned. It is suitable for larger spaces as well for the modest backyard vegetable gardens.


Quality Material, Easy Installation, Adjustable Size

Poultry netting is made of the quality persistent nylon, the material that is UV-resistant. UV protection is important and necessary as much as the protection of birds. Plants need the sun but too much sun can also do the harm. The installation of the poultry netting is simple and easy and the size may be adjusted to the preferred dimensions. High-quality guarantees durability. It is practical and secure since it can be empowered with the double net on top and bottom. This additional strength is very useful when tying. According to the modern standards of agriculture, successful planting and growing depends on a lot of bird and other pests’ protection. The good thing is that the same netting protects not only from birds but from rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons as well.


Other Purposes of Poultry Netting

If you have some rests left from the poultry netting after you have sized it to your needs, don’t throw them away. It can be an original décor on your walls or at the table. Give some nautical atmosphere to your home. You can also dye it other color and enrich it with fitting items. However, if decoration is not something you are fond of, keep in mind that the same netting can be used in sports. Thanks to its strength, it’s ideal for golf, baseball, and soccer. The ball won’t hit your neighbor’s yard or let alone window. Furthermore, you can use it to cover pools or other open areas to keep them clean and free of leaves and other litter.

Shading as an Additional Protection

Summer is a part of the year when all plants grow and breeders are expecting the successful harvest. The summer light is useful but it can also be harmful. Sometimes it is necessary to control the effects of light and to lessen it when it is too strong. Shade net is the agent how you can do that with little effort and at an affordable rate. Shading capabilities differ and they range between 8% – 95%. In this way, it is possible to adapt the system to the crop requirements. The use of the shade net varies from tunnels, greenhouses to the outdoor framework. The color of the net may vary. It is available as transparent, white or dark green. White net, for example, reduces only the sunlight while the spectrum remains the same. Different colors have different effects on plants. Weather risks are not an issue anymore since UV influence is restricted, ventilation is improved, and the temperature variations are reduced to a minimum. Except for the excessive summer light, shade net has its purpose in winter too. It protects from frost by the crystallization of water drops.

SOG Method for the Best Space Management

Sometimes, the lack of space is the biggest problem for farmers and gardeners. SOG net is a sustainable method that reduces costs and makes the maximum of the available space. Plants stay in place fixed with tutoring rings and grow together faster enabling better production. Instead of the one, you can count on multiple cultivation and harvests. SOG net can be implemented in an open field or green houses, and it has some additional features that plants will benefit from. It is UV-proof, reusable, easy for operation and it also serves as a kind of the light and air control that enables an optimal amount of these two necessary factors. Although this system is light, it is very strong. The best way is to place it horizontally to support the plants in their vertical growth.

Netting Leads to a Higher Productivity

Different kinds of netting are what you should throw your attention to when thinking about how to accomplish better and faster productivity without large investments. Poultry netting will provide you reliable protection from birds’ pests but if your crop is exposed to harmful summer light you still won’t have the wanted results. Shade and SOG nets are both modern and useful systems. Just as the poultry netting protects from birds, the other two protect from further risks. By managing your crop you can turn bad conditions into your advantage with a little help of different setting. Plants can grow faster or slower according to your plan, and you can determine the height they will grow up to. These are practical benefits that positively affect productivity and competitiveness.

Poultry netting is a convenient agent for simple and easy crop organization. It makes it easier to protect the crop from birds and from other small animals that could be a real menace. It is made of the durable and flexible material that is adjustable and enables an easy operation. The installation is not complicated and the positive results are visible almost immediately starting with the light control possibility and simultaneous UV protection.