May 2017

Poultry Netting Benefits

Poultry Netting Benefits and UsesĀ 

The free-range system of raising poultry tends to have some advantages. Birds source for food themselves thus lowering the amount spent on feeding. Allowing birds to free-range also poses some risk especially when the birds are not adequately protected. They can be attacked by predators or come in contact with diseases from the environment. Over the years, poultry owners that allowed their birds to free-range realized that the system works fine. It reduces the cost of feeding and gives poultry enough space to exercise instead of confining them. The poultry netting also proved effective for such use in many ways. These include:

  1. Protect against Predators

There are many reasons to secure poultry with netting. They protect the birds from predators such as coyotes, raccoons, dogs, foxes and others. Poultry owners lose millions of dollars annually on attacks by predators. This can be averted with the use of netting to secure the area. The material is strong enough to withstand force applied on it by predators.

  1. Control Movement of chickens

Another benefit of using netting is to control the movement of birds. The net comes in different height giving the poultry owner options to choose from. The 48 inches net will be more effective for flightier breeds and areas where birds are normally attacked by larger breeds. Securing the area with net will help to prevent birds from getting lost.

  1. Rotate poultry to fresh grass

One of the benefits of the free range system is that birds are allowed to source for food from the earth. They feed on insects, grasses and other items. Using poultry netting rotates poultry to fresh grass as a food source. This allows the birds to have access to adequate nutrient for healthy growth and development. It also helps to reduce the incidence and spread of poultry diseases.

  1. Space management

It is possible to raise large number of poultry in small space area. People who are interested to raise poultry can also do so conveniently at their back yards. The net confines them to one place and prevents them from defecating all over the place.

  1. Proper management

Using net to protect and confine poultry to an area makes management much easier. The poultry owner, can easy spot and cull sick birds and also provide assistance to individual birds when the need arises. There is also no need to clean the area of poultry droppings as the droppings are allowed to dry up and mix with the soil. This makes management birds much easier.

  1. Raise Healthy Birds

Raising birds in open space is a good idea because they need enough space to exercise and run around. Using net also ensures that the possibility that diseases will affect birds will be reduced. The net allows proper ventilation and also protect birds at the same time. Birds breathe fresh air and the possibility of disease buildup is reduced.

The Poultry netting is very important to poultry farmers. No matter the number of birds, the net ensures that the poultry owner can manage them easily and raise healthy birds for the market or personal use.

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